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  Brooklyn Apartment with Lovely and Interesting House Decoration by Teman and Teran Evans

Home & Apartment, Minimalist Kitchen With Black Cabinet And Bar Stool Also Stainless Refrigerator And Stove Also Planters And Painting On The Wall:
Home & Apartment, Leaves Pattern Bedcover In Yellow With Black And White Pillow Also Orange Headboard On A Bdroom With Interesting Wall Mural And Stainless Steel Floor Lamp: Home & Apartment, Colorful Lego On A Block In Front Of The Mirror On Te Side Of Windows Glass With Curtain Is Fun Playing Tool For Your Kids: Home & Apartment, Yellow Sideboard With Drawers Of Wooden Material Next To Gray Wall With Many Blank Photograph Frames Is A Nice Focal Point: Home & Apartment, Minimalist Kitchen With Black Cabinet And Bar Stool Also Stainless Refrigerator And Stove Also Planters And Painting On The Wall: Home & Apartment, Comfy Lounge Chair With Black And White Pillow Also Zigzag Pattern Rug Under The Pendant Lamps With Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass: Home & Apartment, Colorful Bedroom Desing With Pillows And Zigzag Wall Pattern In Black And White With Elegant Floor Lamp And White Bedside Table:

The living room of the apartment features comfy seats with colorful pillow and glass table. Zigzag rug pattern with black and white color makes an interesting focal point in the room. Wooden bookshelf on the back makes a nice backdrop for the living room. On the side of the living room, you can find a minimalist kitchen with black furniture and stainless steel refrigerator, faucet, and also stove. Bar stool also decorates the kitchen. This makes a comfortable and stylish place to cook meal for your beloved one…

  SO Studio’s Futuristic House Design with Abstract Shape in Cancun, Mexico that Will Move You

Architecture, Glamour Exterior Design With Many Integrated Lamps On The Facade And Also On The Swimming Pool With Lounges On The Side:
Architecture, Lovely Living Room  With Many Light Decorations In Different Colors  And Colorful Abstract Painting On The Wall Also Red And Yellow Chair: Architecture, Dining Room With Rounded Table And Unique Chair Under The Rounded Lamp On The Ceiling Next To The Modern Kitchen In White With Elegant Light Decoration: Architecture, Interesting Pattern On The Swimming Pool Facade With Integrated Lighting In Front Of The Comfy Terrace With Modern Seating: Architecture, Modern Bathroom With Jaccuzi Next To The Wide Windows Glass With Blinds And Wooden Floor For Your Relaxing Bath: Architecture, Indoor Water Pool Under The Staircase And Crystal Ornament With Woode Floor Surrounding And Also Planters On The Side With Much Natural Light From The Glass Wall: Architecture, Modern House With Futuristic Design And Abstract Shape In White Concrete Facade And Large Glass Wall Also Modern Swimming Pool In Front:

Once more we found a futuristic house design that will give you a wow impression. It is a house located in Cancun, Mexico. The house is designed by SO Studio with unconventional architecture and design. The angled facade and the abstract shape of the house are worth exploring if you are one of the wonderful home design’s fans. Let’s check it out!
The exterior of the house is covered in concrete and glass material with some integrated lamps that make the house shines beautifully at night. The angled wall and structure of the house with large windows glass gives more modern look to the design of the house. The large swimming pool on the yard with wooden deck and comfy lounges makes a relaxing and comfortable outdoor facility. The black facade of the swimming pool with interesting pattern and integrated lighting is really charming…

  Villa F Offers Innovative and Futuristic Design for a Living House

Living Room, Long Modern Swimming Pool With Integrated Lighting Sparkle At Night Make The Exterior Looks More Luxury And  Glamour:
Living Room, Long Modern Swimming Pool With Integrated Lighting Sparkle At Night Make The Exterior Looks More Luxury And  Glamour: Living Room, Lower Floor Of The House Consisting Interesting Room With Futuristic Design And Beautiful Geometry Under The Swimming Pool Level: Living Room, Elegant Staircase With High Slim Metal Railing And Large Glass Panel On The Roof With Overwhelm Natural Light: Living Room, Spacious Terrace  With White Ceramic Floor And Green Lawn On The Back Overlooking The Spacious Sea View Features Comfy Seats And Lounges: Living Room, Open Bedroom With Futuristic Design And Spacious View To The Sea And The  Horizon In Front Thorugh The Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass And Sliding Glass  Door: Living Room, Flouting Room With Modern Swimming Pool Under That Is Long On The Side Of Comfy Outdoor Seating Place Facing To The Sealine:

The white facade of the house with shows the unconventional shape that flouts over will first impress upon seeing the house for the first time. The stone facade of the fence with interesting driveway really catches the eyes. The spacious terrace of the house overlooking the beautiful sea is a perfect place to relax outside the house. The green lawn on the side of the house gives beautiful nature touch to the exterior look of the house. The swimming pool in front of the terrace allows the inhabitant to enjoy swimming while overlooking the sea view. It is almost like you swim on the sea, just with cleaner water…

  Interesting and Inspiring Basement Design for Your Home

Interior, Indoor Swimming Pool On The Basement With Fresh Water And Wooden Bridge Above Also Stone Wall And Metal Poles:
Interior, Private Basketball Court On The Basement With Wooden Poles And  Bright Light Also High Ceiling For Your Sport At Home: Interior, Modern Clubbing On The Basement With Many Colorful Light From Green To Red And Sofa Lounge Also Many Clubs Furniture: Interior, Indoor Swimming Pool On The Basement With Fresh Water And Wooden Bridge Above Also Stone Wall And Metal Poles: Interior, Cheerful Home Theater On The Basement With Many Colors And Also Baseball Wallpaper With Palyroom On The Side Featuring Red Soccer Table: Interior, Home Theater Under Ground On The Basement With Many Wooden Furniture Also Rounded Coffee Table And Comfy Seat On The Side Of Stone Pillar:

A home theater room on the basement with cheerful theme sofa facing to wide flat screen is an innovative basement use that you can apply at your home. Baseball wallpaper gives interesting decoration for the room. A play room next to it shows the effective and smart design of the room. The inhabitant can enjoy watching movie on the room or have fun playing on the soccer table. Designing a kitchen and coffee table on the basement can also be a good idea to have more relaxing place on your home. The coffee table with comfy seats will be a nice place to spend time drinking coffee and chatting with your family or friends…

  Some Ideas to Makeover of Your Gothic Room Design to be Lovelier

Dining Room, Cool Living Room With Dark Color  And Skull Pattern On Wall And Also  Pillow With Dim Light Shows Interesting Gothic Theme:
Dining Room, Gothic Theme Living Room With Black Sofa And Armchair With Stainless Steel And Glass Table Also Black Chandelier On The White Ceiling: Dining Room, Gothic Living Room With The Touch Of Red Features Luxury Sofa And Armchair Also Table With Red Rug Under And Classic Chandelier Above: Dining Room, Gothic Room Theme In Dark Color And Bright Light From The Chandelier Also Planters And Beautiful Flower  On The Top Of The  Fire Place With Mirror: Dining Room, Green Comfy Sofa With Many Pillow On Wooden Floor With Dark Palace Wall Mural Shows Interesting Gothic Theme For The  Room: Dining Room, The Combination Between Modern And Gothic On A Living Room With Comfy Sofa And Armchair Also Fire Place And Beautiful Planter: Dining Room, Gothic Living Room With Dark And Red Theme On Furniture And Wall With Leaves Picture And Pattern Also Red Table In Front Black Sofa With Wooden Floor Under:

Some people love to apply gothic theme on their home and some other people do not like it. They think that gothic theme is not interesting due to its black and dark color theme. That opinion is not true anymore for this era. Many designers have worked to make a good combination to the gothic theme. They add some lovely color to the design that makes them look more interesting. Here we have some examples of gothic room designs for you to explore…

  Several Home Theater Designs for Your Private Watching Place

Architecture, Home Theater With Many Bed  Lounges On The Floor Decorated With Curtain On The Side With Lights On It Also Large Screen In  Front:
Architecture, Chic Home Theater With Large Screen And Comfy Sofa Also Seats In  Interesting Pattern With Home Bar On The Side Also Lamps On The Dark Ceiling Like Stars On Night Sky: Architecture, Red Sofa And Comfy Lounges Also Bed In Front On A Home Theater With Gold Color Wall And Dim Light  Also Colorful Warm Rug Under: Architecture, Luxury Home Theater With Red Seats And  Rich Texture Wall Also Ceiling With Beautiful Chandelier Above And Red Curtain Covering The Large Screen In Front: Architecture, Balck And White Home Theater Theme With White Sofa And Lounge Chair Facing  To Large Screen Covered With Brown Curtain With Fire Place On The Side Of The Room: Architecture, Many Sofa And Lounges Also Armchairs In Red And Black Facing To Large Screen On A Private Home Theater With Bar On The Side: Architecture, Wide Flat Screen Tv On A Home Theater With Modern Comfy Sofa Also Sofa With Rounded Wooden Table And Billiard Board On The Back:

A home theater with large screen in front of comfortable seats on a dim light room is the perfect place to enjoying watching movie at home. A mini bar on the side of the theater gives you more cool facility like the real theater out there. You can invite your friends to enjoy movie on this room since it has lots of comfy seats. A comfy home theater with large screen and curtain decoration around the screen and on the side of the room is really gorgeous place to watch movie with family at home. For you who do not have lots of space to design the theater, you can design it in the family room with the existing sofa as the seat for the home theater. You just need to add large screen and set the room to be dark with some dim lamp lights…

  Block House in Philadelphia Features Comfy and Stylish House with Interesting Design that Exploits Natural sunlight

Exterior, House Plan Or Blue Print Of The Contemporary Block House With Four Stories And Roof Top Facilities:
Exterior, Block House With Contemporary Design And Brick Facade Also Tick Glass Panel On The Wall With Warm Lighting: Exterior, High Ceiling With Glass Panel On The Roof Makes The White Interior Design Brighter And Warmer Also With The Help Of Pendant Lamps: Exterior, Modern Living Room With Modern Comfy Sofa And Lounge Wiith Green Rug Under Facing To Wide Flat Screen Tv Is Bright With Natural Light From The Glass Panel On Roof: Exterior, The Combination  Between Brick Facade And Concrete Wall On The Exterior Of Block House In Modern Design: Exterior, Modern Kitchen With The Combination Between Wooden Finishing And Modern Tools Also Subtle Ligting From The Windows Glass And Lamps On The Ceiling: Exterior, House Plan Or Blue Print Of The Contemporary Block House With Four Stories And Roof Top Facilities:

The block facade replacing the wall brings much natural light for the interior. The interior looks brighter and warmer. The small windows on the side allow the inhabitant to enjoy the outside view from inside the house. The bathroom in modern white color with white light and stainless steel faucet and sink really feasts the eyes. The roof top space with comfortable seats allows the inhabitant to enjoy spending time on the outside under the sunlight without worrying about privacy. It is really a comfy and smart outdoor spacefor your private relaxing time.

  Small House with Smart Design and Artistic Decoration of Marta Badiola

Exterior, Green Yard With Natural Plant Fence And Trees Amkes The House  Looks More Natural And Inviting:
Exterior, Small Space Interior With Modern White Theme And Warm Feel Of Wooden Roof Structure Also Modern Kitchen Acbinet With Stainless Steel Tools: Exterior, Green Yard With Natural Plant Fence And Trees Amkes The House  Looks More Natural And Inviting: Exterior, Living Room With Modern Sofa And Warm Rug In Red Facing To Wide Flat Screen Tv Above The White Cabinet With Planter: Exterior, Modern  Bathroom With Cabinet In Black And White With Glass Door And Glass Panel On The Wooden Roof Also Wide Mirror In Front: Exterior, Lovely Bedroom  With Cheerful Bedcover And Painting On The Wall Also White Light Integrated Between Wall Is Warm With Wooden Ceiling: Exterior, Lovely Bedroom With Flowery  Bedcover And Pillow And Wooden Bedside Table With Table Lamps And Also Glass Panel On The Middle Of Wooden Roof:

The modern kitchen with modern tools and white cabinet will serves the inhabitant’s need of cooking nutritious food. The flouting wooden staircase will lead you to the upper floor of the room. The minimalist bathroom with white and black cabinet, large mirror and glass door is bright with natural light from the glass panel on the ceiling. Looking to the outside, the house is covered in green plants on the yard as well as on the fence that gives beautiful nature look to the house. What a smart small house design ideas to apply on your home!

  Modern House with Arabian Design in Nashville, Tennessee by Jamie Backwith

Architecture, Bright Living Rom With Wide Windows Glass And Curved Windows On The Top Also Many Lamp Light Fuses  With The White Wall:
Architecture, Lovely Kitchen Design With Yellow Surface On The Cabinet And Glass Decor Also Barstool In Front And Granite Wall As The Backdrop: Architecture, Elegant Bathroom With Wooden Bath Tub And Subtle Lighting Also Wooden Cabinet And Shabby Wall Color Also Pattern: Architecture, Modern Fire Place On A Living Room With Wooden Wall Finishing And Elegant Light From The Chandelier And Floor Lamps: Architecture, Gable Roof Of House Makes The House Look Classic And Yet Interesting With The Inetrior Design And Chandelier Hanging Onto It: Architecture, Elegant Room Design With Glossy Floor And Chandelier Above Also Wide  Windows Glass With Curtain Features Comfy Seats And Table: Architecture, Interesting Lounge Chair From Wooden Material With Pillow And Side Table With Interesting Planters Of Root Also Painting On The Wall:

A lounge chair made of wood with soft pillow provide comfy place to relax on the house. A side table with root planters also decorates the room. And the abstract painting on the wall makes a lovely backdrop that will draw people attention. The transparent glass floor with blue light from the room under is really elegant and gives futuristic look to the interior. it is really an interesting Arabian interior design, isn’t it?

  Wonderful House Design Combining Modern and Japanese Cultures Decoration by Carlisle Homes

Decoration, Comfortable Dining Room With Table And Seats Also Electrical Fan Above On The Wooden Ceiling With Fire Place On The Side:
Decoration, Warm Family Room With Comfy Seats And Wooden Table Also Fire Place With Two Sutble Lighting Source Of Lamps On The Wall: Decoration, Large Bed On The  Warm Bedroom With Windows Glass On The Side Also Table Lamps On Both Sides And Interesting Headboard: Decoration, Modern Living Room With Long Comfy Sofa And Warm Rug Also Rounded Black Table Next To Modern Kitchen With Warm And Elegant Light: Decoration, Bathroom With Wooden Cabinet Also Stainless Steel Faucet And Large Mirror That Reflect Light From The Lamps: Decoration, Amazing Home With Two Stories And The Combination Between European And Japanese Culture Also Brick And Concrete Facade: Decoration, Bedroom Facing To The Wide Flat Screen Tv In Front And Also Modern Closet On The Side And  Nice Pendant Lamps Above The Glossy Table:

The dining room with modern table and seats under the electrical fan and modern fire place on the side is a perfect place to dine with your beloved one. Brick wall and wooden ceiling gives natural look to the room design. The wide windows glass provides spacious view for the inhabitant to enjoy it when having dinner. The modern kitchen next to dining room with modern tools and furniture will serve your need to cook. The glass transparent backsplash makes the kitchen more interesting. And the elegant light on the cabinet adds more interesting and gorgeous look to the kitchen. It is really wonderful interior design

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